Cater Depot Warehouse
One Call Supplies it All!

Welcome to the Cater Depot Website. Zarik Menassian, the owner of Cater Depot Warehouse., has been involved in the catering truck business since 1975. Throughout his years of experience, Zarik has accumulated knowledge in all aspects of the industry from manufacturing, sales, repairs, and financing. Zarik’s goal was to provide for the catering truck industry with a holistic approach, which goes beyond the competition. He started by being the first to compile a catalog of Cater Needs’ inventory in 1993. Cater Depot is your one stop online and in-store provider for every and all of your catering truck needs. Our inventory is complete and extensive. We stock everything you need for your catering truck. We at Cater Depot are committed to serving the cater truck service industry in the most cost-effective way possible. We offer very competitive prices and toll free phone and fax lines. In addition to efficiency and great pricing, Cater Depot will give you the peace of mind and the confidence that we are serving our customers the very best!