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Table Crumbers - Aluminum - Gold Finish Grapefruit Spoon - Chrome - Serrated Edge Au Gratin Dishes - Stainless - Oval

Crumbers quickly and efficiently collect crumbs into a small pile, which will be swept into
a small waste basket or into the wait staff member’s hand to be disposed of properly.

This Aluminum Table Crumber is an elegant
utensil constructed of aluminum.

This crumber has a polished gold anodized finish and features a chrome-plated
pocket clip to keep it at the ready when not in use.

Eating a grapefruit for breakfast is a rewarding experience.

For starters, it’s good for your healthy, but also it can
be quite a challenge to conquer.

This Heavy-Weight Grapefruit Spoon helps get to the
bottom of grapefruit rinds with ease.

This serrated spoon gets through the fleshy part of the fruit and
produces a delicious spoonful with every bite.

This stainless steel spoon is easy to clean and is
sure to last for as long as you need it.

These Au Gratin Dishes are as elegant as they are useful.

Whether you’re making a simple meal featuring potatoes au gratin or a melanzane
alla parmigiana, this dish will prove its worth in the kitchen.

As au gratins are traditionally served in the same dish they are prepared in,
the dish is designed to be as beautiful as it is useful.

Featuring mirror-polished stainless steel, these au gratin dishes will brighten
up any setting from dining in a fine restaurant to an intimate meal at home.

Available in 8, 12, 15, and 20 Ounce Capacities
(choose from options below)
Table Bells - Metal - Chrome Plated - Black Base Syrup Dispensers - Glass - Chromed Plastic Top Napkin Dispensers - Stainless

With all the hustle n’ bustle that occurs within a restaurant, wait staff is constantly wishing
this way and that in order to provide the best possible service for its customers.

Despite their best intentions, many times a staff member will not realize that
an order from the kitchen is ready to be taken to its respective table.

By using this Table Bell, kitchen staff can quickly alert
wait staff that food is ready to be served.

This helps expedite orders and can potentially result in turning
tables more quickly, increasing your revenues.

Available with 3-1/2" or 4" Base
(choose from options below)

There’s nothing that goes better with a stack of pancakes
piled high than some delicious maple syrup.

That is, unless your customers prefer blueberry syrup, or strawberry.

With these economical Glass Syrup Dispensers, you’ll be able to afford to
provide your patrons with any number of flavors from which to choose.

With either the six- or twelve-ounce capacity, customers can fill every last
square of their waffle with syrup and pass it on to their neighbor.

These glass syrup dispensers feature a top and handle that are chrome-plated.

Anyone in the restaurant business has seen this scenario played out a thousand times:
A glass is knocked over and soda spills across a table loaded with patrons.

People stand up to avoid the dripping mess, and it takes several trips,
and minutes, to grab more napkins and eventually restore order.

A dining experience has been ruined for one table-full of customers, and
the patrons around them have had their meal interrupted, at best.

While such accidents can’t be avoided, they could be fairly easily managed
with the help of these Stainless Steel Napkin Dispensers.

These dispensers are designed to hold folded napkins and are perfect for tabletops.

Available for 3-1/2" x 5" and 3-1/2" x 7" Napkins
(choose from options below)
Sizzling Platters - Stainless

No matter whether serving up mouth-watering, thick-cut cuts of steak or delectable
chicken fajitas, these Stainless Steel Sizzling Platters will spice up any dish.

These oval sizzling platters are sure to delight customers looking
for something a little different from a standard plate.

There’s just something about a sizzling-hot platter that
brings a festive mood to any table.

Bakelite Under-liners also available separate.

Available Sizes:
11" x 7-1/8" Oval and 11-5/8" x 8" Rectangular
(choose from options below)