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Copper Lugs - 5/16" Stud Copper Lugs - 1/4" Stud Copper Lugs - 3/8" Stud

Available in qty of 2 or 25

5/16" Stud
Copper Lugs - 1/2" Stud ATO Fuses ATO/ATC Fuse Holders - Waterproof

ATC & ATO fuses are standard size blade fuses and are commonly found in automotive and marine applications. ATC & ATO fuses and fuse taps are available in a variety of different amperages and styles that meet the circuit protection needs of various electrical components within a vehicle and other electrical equipment.

This ATC and ATO inline waterproof fuse holder is compatible with any ATC and ATO blade fuse. The deluxe
waterproof body and water resistant cap is ideal for marine applications or any application that is
continually in wet environments. 12" wire loop. Available in 10, 12 and 16 Gauge.
ATO/ATC Fuse Holders - 12 & 16 Gauge ATO/ATC Fuse Holders ATM Inline Fuse Holder - Mini Blade

This 12 & 16 Gauge ATC and ATO fuse holders are standard inline fuse holders that allow for one ATC and ATO fuse to be fitted.
The 12 & 16 Gauge ATC and ATO fuse holders have a "write-in" space that allows for easy circuit identification.

The ATC and ATO universal fuse holder features a self-tapping design for quick circuit protection installation.
The ATC and ATO universal fuse holder requires no wire stripping, and easily installs by using common pliers.
For use with 18-16-14 gauge wire. 20 amp max.

Mini ATM inline fuse holders and adapters are designed to house Mini ATM fuses and provide Mini fuse circuit protection.
Mini fuse holders and adapters and are commonly found in newer automotive and marine applications,
but can also be used in a wide variety of specialty applications.
Nylon Inline AGC Fuse Holder 30 AMP Small Fuse 12V Thermal Flasher

This AGC nylon inline fuse holder features a molded nylon body that is furnished with one AGC glass tube fuse. The inline design provides easy installation while the nylon construction provides strength and durability. 14 and 12 Gauge available.
This glass fuse is rated 30-amps to protect equipment and consumer electronics from short circuits and power surges. It meets the circuit-protection requirements of most household electronic equipment and is UL-recognized.

12 Volt

Operated by using a bi-metallic strip and contact, and flash faster with increased load.

Automatic Reset Breaker AGC Breaker - Snap-In MIDI Fuse Holder

12 Volt

50 amp

Used in many diverse applications including multiple power outlet strips. trucks, buses, portable generators, welding equipment and trolling motors.

Snap-in circuit breakers mount in standard fuse clips and can be used as replacements for round glass-style fuses.
These type 1 breakers cycle continuously during an over current condition in DC applications rated up to 12v

MIDI fuse holder for MIDI fuses up to 200 amps.
2 Gang Fuse Block 40 AMP Large Fuse Maxi Fuse Holder - In-Line

Designed for Power distribution systems, and provides and easy, space saving solution for adding circuit protection

3-3/4" Length

1-3/4" Width

1-3/8" Height

Maxi™ inline fuse holder is a standard designed fuse holder for maxi fuses. The Maxi™ inline fuse holder is weather resistant and includes a removable cap to provide extra protection against moisture.
6 Gang Fuse Block Sealed Mini Fuse Panel w/ TPAs

Designed for power distrubution systems, and provides an easy, space saving solution for adding circuit protection

3-5/8" Length

1-5/8" Width

1-1/4" Height

This compact, sealed power distribution module is a perfect fit for accessory circuits,
overflow circuits from main PDM or a main module on smaller vehicles.
It is hard-wired for 280 style components and accepts
mini fuses, relays, circuit breakers, diodes, etc.
TPAs give secondary protection of the wire leads, which aid
in prevention of leads from being pulled out.
30 Amp max fuse size.