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Wet arm nozzle for old dyna arm. Fits LH or RH

Knurled driver for 3/8" acorn nut

Knurled driver for 5/16" acorn nut.

Acorn nut, 3/8" thread

Acorn nut, 5/16" thread

Windshield washer hose fitting

Wet arm nozzle for new Dyna arm. Fits LH or RH

Single jet nozzle

Wiper link, 5.75" center to center

Winter flex blade uses clip or pin connector.

Wiper link, 3.38" center to center

Knurl, Nut and Washer Hardware Kit (OE equipment prior to 1995)

Rigid wiper blade with 3/16" saddle, (straight blade for flat windshield).

Flex wiper blade with 1/2" saddle, black.

Flex wiper blade, clip on style, black.

Wiper Link, 16.64" center to center

Wiper Link w/brass and plastic bushing (OE equipment prior to 1995)

Flex blade with 3/16" saddle, black. Uses m5316 refills.

Winter flex wiper blade with 3/16" saddle.

Wiper link, 12.80" center to center

Wiper link, 8.85" center to center

4 blade terminals switch controls. 1 motor without push to wash (without dynamic park).

Choose from a variety of sizes

Wiper link with brass bushing (OE equipment prior to 1995)